Walter Bressia

Head Winemaker – Bressia Wines

Name: Walter Bressia
Country: Argentina
Winery: Bressia Wines

Artisan Malbec interviewed one of the most renowned winemakers in Argentina. Walter Bressia is the President of Bodegas de Argentina and head winemaker of Bodega Bressia, the family winery, which is noted for its premium wines and high quality blends.

Why do you think Malbec is so well appreciated worldwide?

Because it is unique, with its acidity and its smooth tannins giving it a sweet and elegant quality.

What type of Malbec is today’s customer seeking? Has this changed from the past?

There have been changes of style since today’s young drinker wants wines with a more fruity presence and less oak. The older consumer continues to prefer a robust style of wine with a clear presence of wood but one which is also harmonious, sweet and elegant.

What type of Malbec do you prefer? 

I like a Malbec without oak for certain meals like a barbecue and for other moments I prefer the traditional Malbec with an elegant hint of wood.

When you go about creating a blend, what goes through your head? What guides you?

Perfection and what I would like to find in a wine to fully enjoy it. Body, character, elegance and harmony. A wine that is both fleshy and easy to drink.

What is your opinion of this new generation of young winemakers who are trying to innovate with Malbec? 

They should be careful not to innovate too much as they run the risk of losing the main focus.  Wines should be made for the consumers and not so much for the writers.

What does Bodega Bressia offer the consumer of Argentine wines?

A unique brand, a name that represents the quality of Argentine wine among the high-end wines of the
world.  A Bressia wine consistently makes its mark and stands out from the rest.

"Few wines and excellent quality " Is this the same plan for Bressia in 2017?

We will continue to follow the same lines of thought and philosophy in our work.

What type of consumer do you hope to attract with your new range Sylvestra?

Sylvestra line was planned for all types of wine drinker since today there is a trend towards fruity wines which transmit their origin (terroir). In these wines you can almost perceive the taste of the earth and its relationship with each varietal.

What are the biggest challenges for Argentina in terms of gaining more export markets?

Improving our competitiveness

Have you tasted Australian wines? What’s your impression of wines from this country?

Yes, I have tried them and I consider that there are many similarities between Argentina and the wine producing regions of that country. I think that in the near future our wines will once again occupy a privileged position in the world of wine making.  We have great wines and we only need to solve our macroeconomic issues to regain a leading role in this sphere.

In less than 140 characters: for you Malbec is…

The Argentine identity: we are energetic, elegant, passionate and sensitive.  Daring and surprising! It is a wine which seduces you by itself, like tango or beef. Enough said.

“Up until now it was all about the variety of the grape, but now the first ‘terroir wines’ from Malbec have started to appear”

“Consumers always associate Malbec with Argentina and what characterises us like tango, soccer, beautiful landscapes and our meat. Malbec reflects all of what Argentina is made of”